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PeptiSystems and CordenPharma enter a collaboration agreement for the testing and evaluation of a new generation of peptide synthesis technology.

18 January 2022 - Uppsala, Sweden. 

PeptiSystems, announces that an agreement has been signed with CordenPharma, a full-service Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for the supply of APIs, Drug Products & Pharmaceutical Packaging.


Under the terms of this agreement, CordenPharma will evaluate a new synthesis instrument, PeptiPilot®, developed by PeptiSystems. It is based on flow-through column technology. This technology can be used for process development and large-scale commercial manufacturing of peptides in non-GMP and GMP quality. PeptiSystems’ flow-through column technology enables in-line continuous monitoring of the synthesis to increase synthesis control, automation, and productivity while maintaining the same or higher purity and yield compared to current technologies. In comparison, PeptiSystems technology will decrease the overall time needed for large-scale peptide synthesis by 50-90%, saving both on costs and production time in the factory.


The technology has also demonstrated a reduction in solvent waste generated by 40-50%. Since solvents represent the vast majority of the waste generated in chemical processes in solid phase synthesis of peptides, this represents a major reduction in the carbon footprint and a step towards a greener manufacturing process.


Dr. Matthieu Giraud, Director, Global Peptide, Lipids, and Carbohydrates Platforms at CordenPharma International, comments, “We are pleased to work with PeptiSystems as we work on innovative and sustainable ways to match the continued strong demand for peptide-based pharmaceuticals while reducing our carbon footprint.”

Lars Holmberg, PeptiSystems’ CEO comments, “We are thrilled that CordenPharma has decided to work with PeptiSystems to evaluate our technology. Corden Pharma’s expertise and feedback is very valuable for us in the continued development of these instruments and in our mission towards greener and more efficient peptide manufacturing.”


About PeptiSystems

PeptiSystems, based in Uppsala, Sweden, develop instruments for process development and manufacturing of peptide and oligonucleotide therapeutics based on flow-through column technology. Utilizing the solid-phase synthesis approach, the instruments are designed to reduce solvent consumption, improve synthesis control, and reduce synthesis time while maintaining equal or higher purity and yield compared to what is obtained with current technologies. This new generation of synthesis instruments provides a higher degree of automation and a greener manufacturing process.

For more information, please contact Lars Holmberg, CEO at PeptiSystems: or visit our website at


About CordenPharma

CordenPharma, the global pharmaceutical manufacturing platform of ICIG, is a full-service Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization for APIs, Drug Products, and Packaging. Through cGMP facilities across Europe and the US organized under four Technology Platforms – Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates, Injectables, Highly Potent & Oncology, and Small Molecules – CordenPharma experts translate complex projects at any stage of development into high-value products.

For more information about CordenPharma, contact us or visit

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