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A game changer in large-scale peptide manufacturing



PeptiPro is a fully automated large-scale peptide synthesizer and covers a range from 10 mmol up to 5 mol per batch. Each design is customized depending on the customers specifications and is based on verified components from established and well known suppliers in the industry.


The broad scale covered by the PeptiPro instrument enables production of hundreds of kilograms or even metric tons of peptides every year. PeptiPro will completely transform your peptide manufacturing, factory utilization and productivity. 

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PeptiPro - A new generation of large-scale peptide manufacturing 

PeptiPro is a fully automated solid-phase peptide synthesis instrument using flowthrough column technology. It is a compact, pump-driven system for large-scale synthesis in the scale 10 mmol - 5 mol, and supports production of both GMP and non-GMP peptides. The synthesis is performed in the column on the resin of your choice, starting from 1% cross-linking to low/non-swellable polymer supports. The synthesis method is first developed and optimized on a PeptiPilot instrument before transferring and manufacturing on a PeptiPro. 

The instrument is designed for synthesis process development and large-scale production of peptides. It is constructed to meet the needs of various synthesis chemistries. Some key characteristics of the system are: 


  • State-of-the-art flexibility in synthesis methods, chemistry, and scale.

  • Use the same reagents, resins, solvents, and reagents, as you normally would in SPPS.

  • Cost-efficient and high-quality synthesis with high purity, yield, and reproducibility.

  • Easy scale-up by using linear flow rates and fixed column volumes for washing. 

  • Two column positions for sequential, non-stop synthesis, and up to 27 amino acid inlets (customer to specify). 

  • Continuous real-time monitoring with a diode-array detector (including full UV spectrum) and conductivity sensors.

  • A built-in heater allows for synthesis at elevated temperatures by heating the liquid.  

  • Works with PeptiSoft synthesis management software which is designed according to 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5.

  • Swelling and shrinking of resin handled by optimized template methods for each column size.

  • Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation is available.

  • A mixer allows for the pre-activation of amino acids before coupling. 

  • Extremely accurate pump system that adds the correct amount of liquid to the system. 

One PeptiPro can replace up to 5 traditional batch reactor instruments and has a payback time of 3-12 months depending on how often it is used and the scale of production. 

Overview PeptiPilo
Benefits compard to batch reacto

Benefits compared to batch reactor technology

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Scalability WEbsite image.png

50-90% reduction in synthesis time and improvement in productivity by up to 10x. Complete the synthesis of a peptide in 1-3 days instead of 3-4 weeks. This leads to an increase in productivity, improved factory capacity, cost decrease, and improved lead time to customers.

Improved product purity and yield (~15%). Obtain more product at a lower production cost!

Save costs by reducing solvent consumption by 50-70%. With a cost of around 5 USD/Liter, this leads to savings of millions of USD per year. 

Continuous real-time monitoring increases synthesis control and allows automation for each synthesis step. Manual sampling is no longer needed.

Easier scale-up saves further on time and costs. Perform process development on a pilot scale and use the same optimized synthesis parameters for large-scale synthesis (up to 5 mol).

Sustainability website picture.png

Improved carbon and environmental footprint. Reduction in solvent consumption results in up to 50% reduction of CO2 emissions, which can lead to a reduction of 100 tons of CO2 emitted per year per instrument. 

Photo CO2 Latest.png
Photo CO2 Latest.png
Specifications PeptiPilot

Specifications for PeptiPro

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Whitepapers, brochures and other related documents will soon be made available for download here. 

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