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Unmatched flexibility, ease of use and
process control with PeptiSoft 

PeptiSoft  - Flexible Software written by chemists for chemists


PeptiSystems is bringing peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis into the modern era with PeptiSoft - a user friendly, modern looking, and easy-to-use software.


PeptiSoft has been designed from scratch specifically for peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis and provides full control and monitoring over the whole synthesis process.


The software is designed to be very flexible and allows the user to customize the synthesis method according to the user's needs. Several template methods for the most commonly used synthesis chemistries allow to start a new synthesis with just a few mouse clicks. A vast number of synthesis parameters are available for process development. If needed, the user can easily change any parameter in any part of the synthesis. The software is designed with 21 CFR Part 11 features. 

The screenshot below graphically shows the progress of the synthesis in real-time. Various curves can be selected for display - UV at four wavelengths, pressure, temperature, conductivity, flow, etc.


Overview PeptiSoft

A saved synthesis method is easy to start with just a few mouse clicks in the synthesis control panel (shown below). The progress and time of the synthesis can easily be monitored, and a log file is created and saved for documentation and follow-up.

PeptiSoft Picture 3.png

The software also allows the user to manually test and run the various components. This is visualized and represented in an interactive flow diagram.


After completion of the synthesis, a complete synthesis result file and a synthesis report are created. The report gives a convenient overview of the results and a summary of the parameters used. The results file can later be visualized and analyzed in detail using a separate analyzer program – a great tool for planning the next step in the process development.

Specifications PeptiSoft

Specifications for PeptiSoft

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Whitepapers, brochures and other related documents will soon be made available for download here. 

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