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PeptiSystems launches a new generation of synthesis instruments on the market!

20 December 2021 - Uppsala, Sweden


PeptiSystems has now officially launched a new generation of solid-phase synthesis instruments for process development and large-scale GMP and non-GMP manufacturing of peptides and oligonucleotides. 


"We have already received several orders of both small and large-scale instruments and are getting a lot of enthusiastic feedback when speaking to customers. It's exciting to finally be able to introduce these instruments to the market after many years of development." says Lars Holmberg, CEO of PeptiSystems.


PeptiSystems’ flow-through column technology enables real-time continuous monitoring of the synthesis to increase synthesis control, automation, and productivity while maintaining the same or higher purity and yield compared to existing technologies. A small-scale synthesis instrument is used to find the optimal synthesis method for a particular oligonucleotide or a peptide. The technology can then seamlessly scale the production to large-scale commercial manufacturing using the same optimized synthesis method. It takes the same amount of time to synthesize on small scale as on a large scale with highly reproducible results. 


This is a game changer for peptide synthesis, which is still largely based on batch reactor technology, where manual sampling is used to see the synthesis progress. In comparison, PeptiSystems technology allows for continuous and automatic real-time monitoring of the synthesis. The technology also decreases the time taken for synthesis by 50-90%, depending on scale, and reduces solvent consumption by 50-70%. This leads to significant cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions, allowing for a much greener manufacturing process. 

In the field of oligonucleotide synthesis, PeptiSystems is introducing several new features and functionalities, including heating, full UV scans, Near-Infrared detectors, cooling options, and modern-looking, easy-to-use software. The software is called PeptiSoft and has been built from scratch to be very flexible and allow users to easily set any individual parameter of any step in any synthesis cycle. It is 21 CFR part 11 compliant for both GMP and non-GMP manufacturing of peptides and oligonucleotides. 

PeptiSystems' strategy is to provide state-of-the-art instruments for both peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis. The instruments for the peptide synthesis platform are called PeptiPilot, PeptiPilot Plus, and PeptiPro, while the instruments for the oligonucleotide synthesis platform are called OligoNavigator, OligoNavigator Plus, and OligoNavigator Pro. These instruments cover a range of 0.1 mmol to over 5 mol in scale to accommodate applications from R&D and clinical trials to large-scale commercial manufacturing. 

About PeptiSystems

PeptiSystems, based in Uppsala, Sweden, develop instruments for process development and manufacturing of peptide and oligonucleotide therapeutics based on flow-through column technology. Utilizing the solid phase synthesis approach, the instruments are designed to reduce solvent consumption, improve synthesis control, and reduce synthesis time while maintaining equal or higher purity and yield compared to what is obtained with current technologies. This new generation of synthesis instruments provides a higher degree of automation and a greener manufacturing process.

For more information, please contact Lars Holmberg, CEO at PeptiSystems: or visit our website at

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