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PeptiSystems AB Successfully Closes Investment Round with New Directed Emission of Stocks

21 August 2023 - Uppsala, Sweden

PeptiSystems AB, a leading innovator within the oligonucleotide and peptide instrument process sector, is pleased to announce the successful closure of its latest investment round through a new directed emission of stocks. This strategic move represents a significant milestone for the company and underscores its commitment to growth and innovation.

We have seen enthusiastic participation from both existing and new investors, highlighting the strong confidence in Peptisystems' products and market potential. The funds raised will be utilized to fuel Peptisystems's expansion efforts, accelerate product development, and further solidify its position as a key player in the oligonucleotide and peptide process instrument sector.

"We are thrilled to have concluded this investment round of 20 MSEK, which demonstrates the strong support from our investors" said CEO, Karin Granath. "The raised capital will empower us to scale our operations, ultimately driving enhanced value for our customers and stakeholders. We are happy to have new strong investors on board, Henrik Didner through Monesi Förvaltning AB and Nolsterby Invest AB, together with continued support from our existing investors Almi Invest and PÄAB.

PeptiSystems, a start-up company renowned for successfully being able to transfer the flow-through column technology into the peptide manufacturing process field, will use this latest investment to amplify the company's operational capabilities to meet the growing market demands and capitalize on emerging opportunities. By securing this round of funding, PeptiSystems is well-positioned to strengthen its market presence and continue its trajectory of success.
We got excellent traction in our sales during 2022, reaching profitability”, said Mats Johnson, Chairman of the Board. ”With the new capital, we can much better capture the opportunity that we see in the market and enhance our growth rate, thus our value creation.

About PeptiSystems AB
PeptiSystems, based in Uppsala, Sweden, develop instruments for process development and manufacturing of peptide and oligonucleotide therapeutics based on flow-through column technology. Utilizing the solid-phase synthesis approach, the instruments are designed to reduce solvent consumption, improve synthesis control, and reduce synthesis time while maintaining equal or higher purity and yield compared to what is obtained with current technologies. This new generation of synthesis instruments provides a higher degree of automation and a greener manufacturing process.
For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Karin Granath ( or Lars Holmberg ( at PeptiSystems or visit our website at

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